The main goal of Cline Insurance is to act as a support system for both healthcare providers and their licensed agents.  When one considers that our staff is partially comprised of former insurance agents, we understand the problems they face and the actions needed to remedy those problems.

We have developed a lead generation program for our agents and will continue to provide this service throughout our market. 

Our agents are provided Medicare Advantage leads FREE of charge, but we do ask that you work them. Our agents are paid directly from the companies they represent. WE DO NOT TAKE ANY PORTION OF OUR AGENTS COMMISSION.

The opportunity for individual growth with Cline Insurance is tremendous. We are constantly looking for those people who wish to form their own agency and grow their business. Agent support with us is outstanding and will continue to be. Cline Insurance is committed to the continued growth of our agents and managers and will constantly strive to ensure that our sales force will continue to be among the top earners in the health insurance industry.


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